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Whether you are cash strapped or are looking to gain maximum value from your Rolex, luxury watches, and gold- knowing the right time to sell is crucial. But even when you know the right time to sell, in the majority of the cases, you’re left baffled about choosing the best place to sell your jewelry.

And that is exactly where we come in. At G7 Jewelry we offer an exclusive service allowing you to sell your Rolex, diamonds, and gold for the price they deserve.



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Inflation is soaring and stock markets are unpredictable as usual. To make things worse oil prices are rising adding to the uncertainty and chaos. This is perhaps one of the most ideal times to sell your traditional assets for the liquid cash you need at the moment.

Our company ensures complete confidentiality when it comes to offering services. So, when you choose to sell your diamonds or gold with us, you can rest assured that your reputation and confidential information will never be compromised.

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While conventional markets continue to be uncertain, there is one market that truly stands out. In case you haven’t guessed already we are talking about gold and diamond jewelry. Since these are precious jewels, their value will only expand over time, and it is probably best to sell them off right at the time of an all-time high in prices. So if you are planning to sell your gold you are at the right place.

Having said that it is also crucial to selling your assets to a highly professional service where your confidentiality isn’t compromised, and you experience minimal hassle while carrying out the transaction. Our company is highly reputed in our domain and over the last couple of years, we have etched a solid reputation in the gold, diamond, and luxury item business industry.

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You can fully trust G7Jewelry. 128 bit SSL Certificate is used in G7Jewelry. Your card information is never stored and cannot be viewed by third parties.

The product may be a special edition or a limited edition. If you cannot find a product you are looking for on our website, you can contact us via the live support line or our social media channels.

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We cannot receive valuable jewelry orders from our individual customers living abroad. This cannot be done due to risks such as gold or diamonds being stuck at customs or lost in the case of cargo. We regret to inform you that we cannot assist you.

Returned or exchanged products are examined in detail by our factory, workshop or jewelry masters. Returns or exchanges are not accepted if there is a user-related problem; An additional fee may be charged for repairs. However, if there is a production-related problem, product returns are accepted or exchanges can be made. The fee of the returned product will be deposited into your account within 1-7 days.


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Kris The Jeweler is an appointment-only Personal Jeweler located in the Downtown Miami, Florida, that sells diamonds, watches, and designer and custom-made jewelry. We also buy jewelry and offer trade-in and jewelry repair services. Kris works directly with the biggest diamond houses and watch suppliers in New York, Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Dallas to bring the highest quality diamonds, name-brand watches and designer jewelry right to you.

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